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We are always seeking new candidates in order to fulfill stimulating mandates in large organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our recruitment process focuses on an accurate analysis of your profile and career objectives in order to find the ideal job for you. The entire process has a personalized approach. In addition, you will have access to our list of jobs and after three months of employment you will be entitled to a generous group insurance plan! Having a career with Informatique ProContact means you’ll be part of a team of more than 200 IT enthusiasts!

Our recruitment specialists are committed to doing more and doing it better.


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Recruitment process

To ensure a personalized touch, time and care should be invested in analyzing a candidate’s file. At Informatique ProContact, our objective is to provide the best support to talented people seeking employment.
Analysis of positions


The selection process ensures that the candidate is directed to the right place and that the customer company in need of a resource gets the right candidate. This process is important in the job searching process, as the candidate’s full value must be recognized. This is why the selection process is a crucial step in this type of approach.
Background check
Presentation to customer


Hiring a candidate is not a finality. Our vision is much broader. For the Informatique ProContact team, integration and support are never neglected. The idea is to provide candidates with all the tools to develop themselves and to stand out.

Orientation and integration

Personalized follow-up
Supervision and support
Relevant training
Monthly visits
Career plan development

The benefits of working with Informatique ProContact!

Competitive salary and benefits
Human values and enthusiasm
Sick time bank
Work-life balance
Soirees and corporate events

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