How to write a winning CV

Are you job hunting? The first step is to put together your CV. Make sure it catches your prospective employer’s eye. A recruiter looks at about 50 CVs a day. If you want your CV to make the cut, it has to be snappy and up to date. To make sure that your CV is as good as it should be, read our article: How to Write a Winning CV.

Preparing for your interview

Have you been called for an interview? Great! You made it past the first step. Now that you have a shot at the position, you need to get ready for the interview. First impressions count! Most recruiters know whether they are going to hire someone within the first 5 minutes of a face-to-face interview. Why so quickly? Because it all hinges on presentation, body language, attitude and preparation. To put everything on your side when you go into your interview, read our article: How to Nail Your Interview.

Recent graduates

Have you just graduated or are you thinking of a career in the IT sector? Here’s a  website that can help. You’ll find what IT programs are now open, which employers are hiring, an index of IT professions and a number of interesting articles on the subject.

Foreign workers/ Immigrants seeking work in Canada

Are you a foreign worker who would like to work in Québec? There are many steps to consider and this website will be of help. It’s important to learn as much as you can about Québec and to line up the required temporary work permits ahead of time. We look forward to welcoming you to our workforce!

Laws and regulations applying to self-employed workers

Are you currently or do you plan to become self-employed? This website can help you make sure you’ve covered all the bases. Before going into business for yourself, get ready by doing the groundwork. Good luck in your new business!

ICT manpower sectoral committee

Techno Skills is an ICT manpower sectoral committee (non-profit organization) that tracks the ICT job market for you. A great job-hunting tool!

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