• Christian D’Amours

    Vice President, IT Resources Placement (Staffing)

    Christian is an experienced manager with a wealth of experience in the IT field. He is always positive and energetic, and is definitely someone who brings value to the company as well as his customers. He also stands out because of his consistently good mood and excellent team spirit

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  • Éliane Leclerc, CHRP

    Human Resources Manager

    As a human resources manager with more than7 years of experience with service and consulting companies, Éliane is responsible for our resources in the field
    and is head of our recruitment team. Éliane demonstrates a lot of creativity and is passionate about her job. Her expertise is renown in human resources management as well as in high-level recruiting.

    Profil LinkedIn de Éliane Leclerc, CHRP
  • Geneviève Bergeron, B.A.

    IT Recruitment Manager

    A bilingual professional with many years of experience in recruiting, Geneviève is exceptionally talented in attracting the best candidates. A go-getter, Geneviève knows how to achieve her objectives quickly and efficiently

    Profil LinkedIn de Geneviève Bergeron, B.A.
  • Sylvie Marcotte,

    Business Development/IT Manager (Staffing)

    With more than 30 years of IT experience,including 10 years as a staffing manager, Sylvie is a senior manager able to quickly grasp our customers’ technology needs and challenges. She is definitely creative, encouraging and results-oriented. Sylvie is passionate about customer service management, mobilizing IT teams and monitoring quality and performance. Sylvie Marcotte’s LinkedIn profile

    Profil LinkedIn de Sylvie Marcotte,
  • Ariane April, B.A.

    Human Resources Technician

    With a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Political Science, Ariane is a young, professional that helps to oversee our professionals
    in the field. She is enthusiastic, efficient and attentive to your needs. She has great
    passion for her job and excellent communication skills, which make her an asset in our staffing department.

    Profil LinkedIn de Ariane April, B.A.
  • Marie-Pier Lemieux-Duval

    IT Recruitment Advisor

    Marie-Pier, our IT Recruitment Advisor, is a young professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration with a specialty in human resources.
    She is determined and goal-oriented, and has unrivaled skills that she developed during her years in sales. She definitely has a very promising future in the IT recruitment field.

    Profil LinkedIn de Marie-Pier Lemieux-Duval
  • Andréanne Tardif

    IT Talent Researcher

    Bachelor in Industrial Relations at Laval University, Andréanne is an IT researcher for the staffing team. She is known for her very human approach and her ability to quickly grasp the issues of organizations. Good communicator, she is recognized for her ability to adapt and her customer service.

    Profil LinkedIn de Andréanne Tardif
  • Audrey Buonocore

    IT Recruitment Advisor

    IT Recruitment Advisor, Audrey holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations from the Université de Montréal. She focuses her career on recruitment. Proactive and enthusiastic, she is always on the lookout for new candidates.

    Profil LinkedIn de Audrey Buonocore
  • Olivier Giguère

    IT Talent Researcher

    A graduate of Laval University in Industrial Relations, Olivier is an IT talent researcher in the staffing team. Recognized for his perseverance, he contributes greatly to the achievement of ambitious goals. His frankness and his listening make him a very human person who is easy to trust. Passionate about recruiting, he makes every effort to identify the best talents.

    Profil LinkedIn de Olivier Giguère
  • Christina Larouche

    IT Recruitment Advisor

    A graduate of the Bachelor of Human Resources Management at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Christina is an IT Recruitment Advisor. Recognized for her creativity and customer service, she is not afraid to take new paths to achieve her goals.

    Profil LinkedIn de Christina Larouche

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