ProContact wants what’s best for your IT infrastructure. That’s why we’ve partnered with the product HPE InfoSight: an AI solution that will prevent a lot of problems thanks to its ability to anticipate them. HPE InfoSight uses a cloud system that learns from global problems and then applies that intelligence to your IT system. Hence, it enables you to identify problems in your IT infrastructure before they occur and it’s too late to act. The InfoSight system is endlessly optimized as it operates because it learns from the network and adapts itself to the reality of IT structures. By using it, you’ll find that you’re much more proactive than reactive, allowing you to spend more time on projects that help you move forward.

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Product range


  • Predicts and prevents issues in your IT infrastructure

  • View status and health of infrastructure, even at a distance

  • Optimizes resource allocation

  • Sees what others can’t

  • Enables infrastructure to self-improve

  • Simulates workload changes

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