Optimize the value of your investments. Get a handle on your IT supplies.

We are aware that managing IT supplies is a daily challenge because of evolving
technologies and products that are quickly and constantly changing. Do you want to be certain that you
are optimizing the value of your company’s investments? Rely on our experts for help to make the
best decisions possible in terms of IT supplies.

In addition to helping you plan your supplies and simplifying the logistics or your IT equipment orders,
Informatique ProContact offers advantageous financing arrangements that enable you to reduce the impact on your
bottom line and to make payments according to your needs.

• Take advantage of a payment-free period
• Finance your equipment over a defined period
• Lease the equipment instead of buying it to avoid depreciation

We resell thousands of solutions and our account managers are able to refer you to the product that
will perfectly suit your business needs. We are confident that we can help you. Put us to the challenge!

Informatique ProContact has the resources to provide you with quality IT equipment and respond
to your needs. Our objective, during each of our projects, is to provide our customers with IT equipment
adapted to their needs. Together, we will find solutions to meet your expectations by offering you
the best tools to help you work more efficiently and achieve your objectives.

Trust a skilled team to help you decide what software is best to use. Knowing that technology is
constantly evolving and that innovation offers many choices, expert advice is very helpful.
Let us guide you into selecting the solutions that are right for your business.


  • Competitive prices thanks to customized financing solutions and a supply structure

  • Optimize the investment value over time with the help of a forecast

  • Effective supply management having a positive impact on delivery timeframes
    and order consistency

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