Trust the experts

Our experts will help you install and configure your equipment as well as deploy your technology
infrastructure. Do you need an urgent helping hand? No problem! Our experts also provide timely
equipment maintenance and repair services in case of any unforeseen problems. Are your systems slow and
you don’t understand why? We will help you optimize your current infrastructure to get the full
benefits from your IT.

You invest considerable amounts of money so that your systems are on the cutting edge of technology.
Ensure that certified technicians carry out your infrastructure installation and configuration so that you get
an optimal return on your investment.

Maintenance and repair
Even though you have high quality infrastructure, it is important to maintain and monitor it so
that it continues to provide the best performance possible. When your IT infrastructure breaks
down and repairs are necessary, the experts at Informatique ProContact will guide you every step of the way.
Informatique ProContact is a leader in IT equipment maintenance and repair.

Installation and configuration
The Informatique ProContact team offers IT infrastructure installation and configuration services. Whether for
new or existing equipment, our qualified team’s technical services are very useful and effective. Rely on our experts
for efficient service that will enable you to be more productive. Don’t sacrifice your time and
workforce on work that can be entrusted to Informatique ProContact. You will benefit from a fast and
flawless service.

• Certified technicians provide a fast deployment with complete confidence
• Purchase banks of hours to benefit from a preferential rate and optimal availability
• Service guarantee that meets the standards of the largest manufacturers



  • Certified technicians for quick deployment you can count on

  • A bank of hours for a preferential rate and the greatest availability

  • Service warranties that comply with top manufacturers' standards

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