Rely on Informatique ProContact’s experts to provide strategic advice on the path to take for a well-planned
and structured transition to a cloud computing environment or to manage your infrastructure, which is
at the heart of your business and your organization. Informatique ProContact will carry out a comprehensive analysis
of your strategy to determine which offers are the most advantageous based on your current
architecture and your business objectives. Informatique ProContact’s experts will ensure a significant reduction
in outages and decrease the time between the failure and service resumption—all while enabling you
to considerably increase your productivity.

Whether to outsource your IT services or plan a migration to Informatique ProContact’s cloud computing
service, our experts will ensure improve your productivity and IT security. You can trust
Informatique ProContact and our 25 years of expertise to oversee your IT infrastructure.

Managed services

Informatique ProContact is a reliable, forward-thinking partner for customers who want
to outsource their IT infrastructure management. We’ll help you to reduce losses in productivity, improve your
IT security and reduce downtimes.

Our proactive managed services program results in increased productivity due to your network’s
permanent visibility, enabling faster troubleshooting and resolution—and shorter times between
the outage and service resumption.

By combining preventative maintenance and remote monitoring, we are able to reduce outages
that can hurt your business to a minimum.

Trust Informatique ProContact and our 25 years of experience to oversee the management of your
IT infrastructure.

Informatique ProContact manages the following services:

• IaaS
• Replication and recovery
• Secure file sharing
• Email
• Hosting
• Backup
• Proactive managed services
• Print management services
• IP telephony

The managed services program includes:

• Advanced day-to-day performance monitoring
• Planned preventative maintenance for your systems
• A quarterly network integrity review
• Security management
• Patch management
• A network operations centre

Our IT infrastructure outsourcing program includes:

• Proactive server
• Proactive workstation
• Proactive network
• Additional program options:
• Anti-virus management
• Mobile device management (iOS and Android)
• Server backup management
• Workstation backup management


• Marked improvement in system performance
• Better cost predictability
• Project-oriented IT investment

Cloud computing solutions

Informatique ProContact offers several tools related to cloud computing solutions. Our
experts have the skills and expertise required to provide strategic advice on the path to take for a planned, structured,
and customized transition to a cloud environment. ProCloud is a solution designed and developed by
Informatique ProContact. This platform is a secure, reliable infrastructure that provides you with highly-developed
collaborative tools, efficient backups and useful applications to make your IT experience simply stellar.

The service provides:
• A perfect alternative to unsecured file-sharing solutions
• A powerful data backup solution
• A data recovery solution in case of problems
• Assurance that your Exchange servers will be permanently available

Our cloud computing solutions
• Cloud computing infrastructure
• Cloud computing backup
• Replication and recovery in case of disaster
• File-sharing
• Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Traditional infrastructure is being put to the test with new cloud computing solutions available
on the market. IT decision-makers are currently asking themselves many questions about the cloud.
• What is the potential return on investment from adopting a cloud computing solution?
• What will be my infrastructure’s visibility in terms of its performance and use?
• What will be the impact on application deployment in my organization?
• Does the cloud have to be available for all of my organization’s lines of business and
which resources will be shared between them?

If one of these questions has crossed your mind, contact us to learn more about how we can carry out a 360-degree
assessment of your cloud needs.

Our assessment process includes:
• Identifying your organizational objectives
• Gathering information about your current infrastructure
• Analysis and formulation of recommendations
• Presenting the offer and making any adjustments

What are the benefits of an independent analysis?
• It focuses on your business objectives and your technology infrastructure
• The approach is rigorous and performed by infrastructure professionals
• It provides a true picture of your technological environment
• The formulation of comprehensive recommendations

We can also:
• Perform an analysis of your current infrastructure and evaluate possible solutions
• Carry out a cost comparison and a financial analysis (ROI and TCO)
• Implement a transition plan, timetable and a budget
• Provide technical assistance during the installation and migration of your services
• Remotely monitor and manage your hosted services

• Flexible resources available on demand to handle your seasonal or periodic needs
• Rapid systems deployment and integration by combining your physical and cloud infrastructure
• Considerably reduces investment in equipment and is easy to use

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