Cloud computing is primarily a storage service using a network as an intermediary, which is generally the Internet. Today, cloud computing is more than a service, it’s a long-lasting trend. This service is represented by a cloud as it is accessible from anywhere and does not intervene directly with a company’s internal environment. There are three main categories of cloud computing services: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Infrastructure as a service, or commonly known as IaaS in the IT field, seeks to virtualize the IT infrastructure. The main advantage of this kind of service is its remarkable flexibility. Also, it should be noted that such a service enables customers to step back from managing their data and most of their IT infrastructure.

This kind of backup in an environment like that of the cloud is very beneficial. A company using this kind of service will not need traditional physical equipment used for data storage. Pay for what you backup rather than paying for equipment features (storage capacity and quality) that you would have traditionally used to backup your data.

Infrastructure virtualization provides:

• High availability
• Flexibility
• Usage-based billing



  • Informatique ProContact manages the hardware, storage, and networks

  • The company manages only the application software and the databases

  • Significant savings in hardware required

  • Highly scalable and can adapt to new technologies

  • The cost depends on the use, not the price of the equipment

  • Increased maintenance and security

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