Your printing infrastructure is a significant part of your annual budget. Most companies don’t know the financial impact of their printing infrastructure maintenance. Moreover, many are unsure of the cost associated with the downtime of their copiers, printers and fax machines. Getting to the bottom of these numbers requires experience and in-depth knowledge of printing infrastructure management.

Informatique ProContact helps you manage and optimize your printing infrastructure. We’ll enable you to considerably increase the productivity of your resources and reduce the costs related to infrastructure maintenance, implementation and management.

Businesses don’t all have the same needs or experience the same situation. It is crucial to trust a team of professionals and experts for proper advice. If our experts notice a lack of productivity due to service interruptions, a security problem or a need for optimization, they will advise you on the right solutions and tools.

Personalized services

1 Assessment (audit)
2 Recommendations
3 Approval
4 Configuration
5 Deployment

The Informatique ProContact team will provide the best advice to improve your printing infrastructure management—up to and including new service implementation.

We can also manage:

• Supplies
• Repairs
• Purchases
• Development



  • A one-stop contact for all your print needs

  • Significantly fewer service calls to your IT people

  • Savings on supplies, network maintenance, electricity, shipping, replacement parts and many other hidden costs.

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