Proactive managed services help companies eliminate productivity losses by improving infrastructure services and security, decreasing outages and interruptions, and reducing equipment and software investments.

Informatique ProContact provides the ability to manage our customers’ infrastructures and enable them to focus on their most important tasks. Advanced monitoring of equipment performance guarantees its reliability. Frequent assessments ensure proper maintenance and monitoring. These assessments also help Informatique ProContact to intervene in case of problems to limit interruptions and reduce the duration of outages. This service also provides thorough management of IT environments as well as process optimization and increased protection of the data and infrastructure.

What’s included in the program:

• Proactive server
• Proactive workstations
• Proactive network
• Proactive program options


  • Increased productivity because of reduced outages and interruptions

  • Customized and proactive monitoring optimizes infrastructure management

  • Better equipment monitoring and preventative maintenance

  • Proactive support and personalized service provided by experts

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