Replication enables a fast and reliable restoration in case of an interruption. Preventing data loss is important. Reduce risks and prevent incidents. Such a process first ensures better resource reliability and availability. Secondly, it mitigates high risks and prevents costly losses. In a database, replication is often used for systems that have to sustain a heavy workload. This solution provides better resource reliability and availability over time. It is a priority for an organization to have a disaster recovery plan in order to eliminate often costly productivity losses. This solution ensures that your current data is available at all times.

Relying on a team of experts will enable you to simplify your data replication and backup processes. Informatique ProContact will direct you to resources that will make replication simple and more efficient. Do you have the right methods, software and equipment? Informatique ProContact can help you make the best choices!

Replication with Informatique ProContact provides:

• Access to many applications that can recover data quickly
• Secure, proper replication
• Expert advice when choosing backup and replication solutions



  • Simplifies storage administration and the data recovery process in case of interruption or outage

  • Reduces damage in case of interruption or outage

  • Provides optimal use of resources, high availability and redundancy in order to prevent outages and to restore your IT quickly in case of disaster

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