Converged infrastructure is a remarkable tool for companies to optimize their output. Infrastructure hyperconvergence helps to develop a management platform that includes the server, storage and everything related to the network. This design, based on simplicity, integrates servers, networking and storage components within a single controlled environment, eliminating the need to manage each component separately.

This simplification helps reduce costs, improve equipment durability and boost the efficiency of your resources by reducing congestion and enabling redeployment flexibility.

This solution therefore helps to simplify configuration and management by providing end-to-end equipment and software support. Convergence also guarantees business continuity and data availability—all while providing easy growth and upgrading. Don’t neglect your important data and get maximum protection thanks our backup and recovery services.

Converged infrastructure is also:
• Simplified architecture and deployment management
• Increased speed of execution resulting from centralized management

This solution is fast, simple and effective.

With ProContact, you can count on an infrastructure that gathers and centralizes your resource management. Doing business with ProContact is working with a team of qualified technical and professional resources, which ensures you get a personal touch and that your business needs are understood.



  • Much faster VM deployment

  • Greater agility and more opportunities during deployment

  • More accessible and available infrastructure

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