The goal of high availability is to ensure that services and infrastructure operate properly 24/7. To ensure high resource availability, the services must be accessible. As such, businesses and users can rely on a much more reliable infrastructure and service. This solution provides maximum operating security and eliminates the chances of a service malfunction.

When using Informatique ProContact’s services, the objective is to optimize the resource workload and improve its productivity. By evaluating the risks to which the business and its infrastructure are exposed, tools and processes can be developed to improve management in case of failure and to reduce the number of interruptions that can occur. Informatique ProContact is able to handle outages caused by any reason, such as:

• Physical
• Operational
• Human

It is therefore important to benefit from customized IT services that will meet your expectations.

To ensure your resources are highly available, the Informatique ProContact team works to replicate the data and the VMs between it so that it is always available and accessible. We therefore prevent loss of equipment and monetary productivity, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Trust a skilled team who takes your IT environment’s availability to heart!


  • Better resource availability rate

  • Significant savings due to reduced losses and interruptions

  • Optimized processes

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