Information transfer between different technology services and the reliability of links provide users with increased performance of their digital environment. With growing numbers of connected devices, your organization’s networking reliability is the basis of its performance. Opt for robust, customizable solutions that will help your company benefit IT that is working to its full potential.

Informatique ProContact can help you complete your various projects:
• Network architecture
• Bandwidth optimization
• Secure wireless
• Intersite (multi-site) networking
• Redundancy

Our networking solutions experts can ensure that your network performs optimally by consolidating your data center, balancing traffic within your infrastructure and balancing its workload. A properly configured network will ensure better applications’ availability, simplified network management and the reduction, even elimination of bottlenecking.

IT security for businesses

Threats are increasingly more common in our environments and they metamorphose to become more difficult to detect and more complex to manage. It therefore becomes more difficult to keep systems accessible and flexible while providing infrastructure security. Informatique ProContact can provide you with a security report enabling you to optimize your network security and to maintain it thereafter through a service block.

• Network security
• Content filtering
• Unified threat management
• Authentication management
• Security report
• Virtual private network (VPN) for business
• Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
• Application control
• Advanced protection
• Anti-virus
• New generation firewall

Maintain control of your security through multi-level policies: applications, equipment, users or for different sites. Rely on Informatique ProContact’s experts to provide you with unified solutions that meet your security needs. With more than 300 installations to our credit, we are the experts you need to make your organization secure.



  • Reduced bandwidth and infrastructure costs

  • Better systems performance and disappearance of bottlenecking

  • Simplified network security management with unified threat management solutions

  • Ensure your network’s security at all points, from printers to workstations
    as well as your website and your servers

  • Get cutting-edge advice and protection at all points

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