Replication is a tool that ensures reliable restoration after an outage, an interruption or the loss of certain data. This solution helps initiate an information-sharing process to ensure redundant data and improve reliability, tolerance to outages, and availability. The term replication is therefore used when the same thing is reproduced on several devices.

Replication also helps to reduce the risk of data integrity problems and losses. In a database, replication is often used for systems that have to handle a heavy workload. This process also ensures better resource reliability and availability over time. This kind of prevention is necessary in companies since data often represents the heart of the business. It has been said:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound in cure!”

In case of a disaster or other cause that could impact your data, what is your solution? It’s something that no leader should neglect! Put an efficient and reliable recovery plan in place now to ensure a prosperous future!

Rely on a team of experts that will help you simplify your data replication and backup processes. Informatique ProContact will direct you to the right resources and ensure that that all of your replication processes are simple and more efficient.

With Informatique ProContact’s replication service, you will take advantage of:

• A reliable service to help recover all your data in the snap of a finger
• A secure service and expert advice on anything about data replication

Learn more about on-site or external replication solutions to better meet your needs—at any time and
no matter what happens.


  • Simplifies storage administration and the data recovery process in case of interruption or outage

  • Reduces damage in case of interruption or outage

  • Provides optimal use of resources, high availability and redundancy in order to prevent outages and to restore your IT quickly in case of disaster

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