Storage is needed to properly manage data. It occupies a significant part of your infrastructure. Although some companies use cloud-computing services to store their data, others place continued importance on physical infrastructure. Since data security and the reliability of the environment in which it is stored are two aspects of performance, they must be given priority. The objective is to store a large quantity of information over the long term in a secure, reliable and accessible environment. Get access to your important data at all times and maximize space in your storage environment. As your company evolves, so does our storage solution! You will therefore have constant control of your data as well as guaranteed confidentiality.

Informatique ProContact provides comprehensive, personalized services in addition to offering many alternatives for our customers’ storage needs, such as:

• Virtualizing data to integrate a scalable, flexible platform with a high-level of availability
• Flash storage, a fast, efficient solution at a low cost
• Storage oriented to systems able to manage colossal volumes of data
• An IT process improvement, automation and orchestration service

In a field that is constantly changing, working with a partner like Informatique ProContact offers you better service and expert advice. When it comes time to make minor or major changes within your organization, be sure you work with Informatique ProContact: we will put your organization at the heart of its priorities.



  • Keep all your data in the same place

  • Manage confidentiality and maintain constant control of your data

  • Easy access to your data

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