Why limit yourself to your infrastructure’s physical capacities? Release all of its power!

Virtualizing infrastructure has become essential for any organization seeking to optimize the use of its technology resources. Virtualization enables you to run many operating systems and applications, making your physical infrastructure simpler and more efficient. Applications will deploy more quickly and system performance will be more reliable and optimized through use of a software layer. Virtualizing servers and workstations provides a considerable number of advantages and possibilities including: the high availability of applications, consolidation of resources, and the development of a recovery site using the virtual environment.

Informatique ProContact has partnered with the largest manufacturers of virtualization solutions and supports its customers to implement virtual environment management tools, virtualizing workstations, applications and servers. Ask Informatique ProContact’s experts to demonstrate the advantages of a software-defined data center and start optimizing your infrastructure today! Deploy virtual environment management solutions and ensure that your virtual machines are used to their fullest potential.

We can also:

Virtualize your servers
Virtualize applications
Virtualize workstations
Manage the virtual environment
Develop backup and business continuity strategies



  • Much faster VM deployment

  • Greater agility and more opportunities during deployment

  • More accessible and available infrastructure

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