Don’t allow a defective cabling system to hinder your company’s efficiency and productivity! Do business with the professionals at ProContact for your network infrastructure projects. Our team of experienced, certified technicians will handle everything required to implement an efficient, structured system that meets industry standards.

Fast, quality service

ProContact is a team of experienced professionals whose objective is to provide great service and to complete work on time and in an optimal manner.

We plan all aspects of the work to ensure flawless project management.

We work directly with the departments involved in order to guarantee efficient installation while minimizing disruption for your employees and operations during the installation.

Optimal project management

With ProContact, we ensure that you only have to deal with a single point of contact responsible for all facets of the project for its entire duration, right from the initial quote.

We use project management software that provides you with detailed information on your project’s costs and progress.

Our structured project management approach ensures a consistent service delivery, regardless of the work location.

No power downtimes

In order to guarantee your company’s productivity, we use a stable system designed to withstand any unforeseen circumstances. As a result, we protect your business from any power outages that could have an adverse affect on your business and your productivity.

ProContact’s uninterrupted power supply services provide a stable alternating current protected from any blackouts and brownouts, no matter what happens on the power grid. This technology will ensure that your production continues.

Installation and up-to-date teams

In order to optimize the installation process, we always work with your personnel and we will provide them with the best support possible during the project.

We ensure that our teams are continuously trained in the most recent installation techniques in order to provide you with service that meets your expectations. Because of this, we are certain that each technician assigned to you has the proper knowledge to handle your project.


Wireless networks

Wireless networks have become the norm however you need to ensure that they are powerful enough and adequately protected to fully benefit your business.

ProContact is committed to providing you with:

- A stable, secure, reliable network
- Installation done by certified professionals
- Guaranteed signal strength
- A point-to-point system
- Installation at strategic locations


With ProContact, you get:

- Management of all aspects of the project
- Cabling, air conditioning, power supply management
- Turnkey installation
- Trained, certified employees
- Technical plan creation


Physical security

At ProContact, security is paramount, which is why we provide our customers with a stable, high performing security system.

We offer:

- A control panel
- A surveillance camera
- A motion detector


  • Turnkey solutions

  • Uninterruptable power

  • Stable systems protected from unforeseen circumstances

  • Security

  • Wireless network

  • 24/7 service

  • Quick response

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